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We inform – Dr Everett Moding

We inform – Dr Everett Moding

July 20, 2020

We Inform - Everett Moding, MD, PhD

Everett Moding, MD, PhD recently joined the staff in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University. Dr. Moding has a gentle and supportive presence with his patients in his clinical work. He is well liked by his patients as well as the staff. His research is innovative and is opening up new discoveries in the treatment of cancer and he is currently setting up his lab at Stanford. Here is a statement from Dr. Moding about his research.

“Tumors release DNA into the blood that can be tracked in a non-invasive way to monitor how patients are responding to cancer treatment. Dr. Everett Moding recently showed that this approach may help identify patients who benefit from additional treatment after completing radiation therapy Currently, he is using this technology to identify cancer cells that are resistant to treatment and create customized therapies to improve patient outcomes”