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Sue's Writings

Sue McCollum has been writing columns for magazines and newspapers for over twenty years. She has also written seven books of poetry that depict life and life situations in a unique voice of rhyme and meter. She writes with grit and honesty and a joyful hope that touches everyone who reads her work. In a style that is simplistic but forthright, she evokes laughter as well as tears and often lets the reader view a life situation through a new lens. She has also had a monthly column in a Bay Area publication for several years and currently writes two Newsletter on line each month.

Sue is a graduate of the University of Michigan and lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband, Bob. They have three grown sons, Mike, Dave, and Jeff and nine grandchildren.

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“Sue McCollum is a poet with a unique writer’s gift. Her poetry speaks to the soul, as well as to the mind and the heart.”

Ginger Ackerley
Seattle, Washington