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My Blue Dots

Because 80% of communication is non-verbal, we wanted a way to support and honor those who have completed their cancer experience to say, “I honor you and what you have been through.” Thus, in the Radiation/Oncology Dept. at the Stanford School of Medicine a new tradition was started in 2013. My Blue Dots partnered with the department to honor all those who have completed their radiation treatments by giving them a My Blue Dots pin. These pins honor what they have been through and put a period at the end of that chapter in their lives. The pin is given with the *My Blue Dots poem on the back. It stands as their badge of courage.

The doctors, therapists and the staff all wear the My Blue Dots pins to state, in a non-verbal way, that they are all a team working together for the well being of their patients.

These pins are a gift from the Friends of My Blue Dots to honor these patients.

*My Blue Dots


My three blue dots I’ll not remove,
They are my badge of courage.
I’ll wear them all the rest of my life
But will never be discouraged.

For these blue dots did mark the spot
Where the radiation could go,
Into my body to kill those cells
So those cells would never grow.

Grow up to be more cancer,
That horrible dreadful word,
But my blue dots are the guidelines
For that cancer to be deterred.

Many today have blue dots
And if you have them too…
Be proud you wear the blue dots
For it shows what you’ve been through.

© Sue McCollum 


Standing With You

It has now become apparent that those who are standing in the wings also want to support their friends and loved ones as they go through their cancer experience. How much can words say? Thus, we are expanding our pin program to offer this non-verbal message that I am Standing With You as you go through this journey. The pin sends a very powerful non-verbal message that says we are ‘Standing With You’. The pin represents our unspoken words to honor all the cancer warriors and what they are going through. It also shows that we are standing together in this fight against cancer.

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“Our patients have been so touched by the generosity of My Blue Dots…When we hand out those three blue dots to patients as they complete their course of radiation treatments, it demonstrates we are all united in our fight against cancer.”

Quynh-Thu Le
MD FACR Professor and Chair
Department of Radiation Oncology Stanford University Medical Center


Dr. Sarah Donaldson
Quynh-Thu Le, MD FACR
Department of Radiation Oncology
Stanford University Medial Center

My Blue Dots Pin