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Hope, Healing and Health

Hope, Healing and Health

April 1, 2015

My Blue Dots represents Hope, Healing and Health on many levels. During this Holy Week, we look at the spiritual side of healing.

Hope, Healing, Health

Time stops when you hear those words, “Yes, you do have cancer”. From that moment forward, you are thrown into the merry-go-round of uncertainty. There are appointments to keep, decisions to make, doctors to visit, and you are chartering new, very unfamiliar territory making decisions that can change your entire life. Where do you go for strength and courage to complete all that is set before you? Where do you find that answer to the question that has no answer?

During this Holy Week, for the Christians and the Jews, let’s look at the Judo/Christian values that have supported people for thousands of years. Collectively, the values set by these two faiths are the keystone for much innovation, creative thought as well as discoveries of new medicines and ways to deal with the devastating disease of cancer. It is through this collective mindset that many have established funds to support research, hospitals were built to honor different Saints as well as to give care, and large grants were given to help cure this disease and end the hardship of so many. Thus, living in a country where these Judo/Christian values are present, the doctors and innovators have the freedom, and are given the resources, to create and develop medical solutions in curing cancer. This is a gift birthed from spiritual values.

On a more individual note, over the past years studies have been done and many have witnessed to the fact that their faith or that prayers have helped in their healing process. They have experiences an unfounded peace in their heart and quietness in their soul, during this challenging time. They have a sense of knowing that they are being taken care of by their God or a higher power. This is an individual faith that everyone has the opportunity to seek and to find if they so choose.

During this Holy Week, we have an opportunity to look at our spiritual lives and embrace those values we need to navigate the waters of our lives while we are residents on this beautiful planet we call earth. May your search be fruitful as you examine your personal faith and embellish that spiritual side of who you are and who you were created to be.

Written by: Sue McCollum
March 28,2015