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Your contributions are critical to help My Blue Dots mission to honor cancer warriors, inform others what the blue dots are, and to give to cancer research. My Blue Dots is committed to finding a cure for cancer in our lifetime and we are standing on the brink of making that happen.

Dr. Albert C. Koong, M.D.
Did you know that in 2012, there were more than 13.7 million cancer warriors living in the United States? More than 1.6 millions Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year which makes it imperative for us to continue funding cancer research. Research support is a key part of My Blue Dot’s mission.

You can continue with My Blue Dots to support internationally renowned physician-scientist Dr. Albert C. Koong, M.D. (on left) and his work in “high-risk, high-reward” cancer research.


Stem CellsMy Blue Dots also supports innovated research in cancer stem cells, which are believed to drive the growth of many cancers. This research is critical to the development of new therapies and improving patient care.

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“Dr. Koong is a superb physician-scientist, internationally renown not only for his research and clinical expertise, but the wonderful care he provides to his patients and the innovation he has integrated into such care.”

Dr. Quynh-Thu Le
MD, FACR Professor and Chair Department of Radiation Oncology Stanford University


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