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The Installation

Installation of the 3-Tier Chihuly Chandelier


The Stanford University School of Medicine and My Blue Dots presents the Installation
of the Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier by artist Dale Chihuly, 2010

The three-tier chandelier is more than thirty-two feet high and twelve feet wide suspended from the ceiling of the three-story atrium of the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building. As the main entrance and centerpiece of the building, this area is a high-visibility space where researchers, students, and visitors from around the world will visit. The design of the atrium makes it an ideal location for this magnificence sculpture – the glass walls, windows, and balconies overlooking the atrium will provide views of the sculpture from both the inside and outside of the building.

To view as a slideshow, click the first image below and use the left and right arrows to navigate through the images.


Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building  Day 1 of Installation  Boxes containing pieces of the chandelier  Scaffolding to assemble chandelier  Four tiers of scaffolding  The work begins  First of the three chandelier tiers  Sue watching the installation process  Last tier  Explaining the installation process  Boxes at the top tier  Intricate work  More to go  Very organized  Each piece is added with care  Almost complete  Close-up  Sue, Ryan, Tom and Rick


“Joining these two creative fields isn’t just about displaying a beautiful piece of art — it’s about a vision and a dream of the future. As we journey along this path we must realize that we are not just counting beans… but we’re brewing and smelling the coffee of the future – the wonderful gift of life stem cell research will give.”

Sue McCollum
Founder and CEO of My Blue Dots