My Blue Dots goes to Africa

“Everyone we know is affected by cancer in some way or other. I am honored to wear my pin to show my support for all those affected by cancer. My wish is that, during my lifetime, we are able to find a cure.”

Carolyn Ohlsson Cape Town, South Africa

My Blue Dots is now ‘down under’

My Blue Dots are on the move And they are now ‘down under’ too. With that non-verbal message that does say I am “Standing here with you.”

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Jackie Anne McNulty

Jackie McNulty and Greta - Best Friends

Jackie Anne McNulty, a sophomore at Stanford University, wearing her My Blue Dot pin as she stands with her best friend, Greta, as she goes through her cancer challenge.

They both grew up in Maryland and have been lifelong friends always standing together.

The Reserve Country Club in Indian Wells

The Reserve Country Club in Indian Wells

“We are all wearing ‘Standing With You’ pins to support a fellow worker who is going through a cancer challenge.”

Sue McCollum spoke to the workers at The Reserve Country Club in Indian Wells about My Blue Dots and our mission.

Vicki Aberbach

Vicki Aberbach St. Lukes Wood River Foundation

Why do you wear the My Blue Dots Pin?

“To remember those we have lost to cancer as well as those who are currently battling or have conquered the disease.”

Vicki Aberbach Development Coordinator St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation

Marsha Edwards

Pin Testimonies Marsha Edwards

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin to stand with and honor those touched by cancer – the survivors, the warriors and the community that supports them.”

Marsha Edwards Annual Giving Officer St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation Ketchum, Idaho

Michael Reynolds

“I stand proudly wearing My Blue Dots with those who stand as champions for their lives and the lives of others. Lives matter. Love matters.”

Michael Reynolds BSN, RN Eisenhower Medical Center Rancho Mirage, CA.

Megan E. Thomas

Megan E Thomas

“I am privileged to stand with our Wood River Cancer Warriors. Thank you, My Blue Dots, for inspiring me.”

Megan E. Thomas Chief Development Officer

St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation Ketchum, Idaho

Michele McCarter

Michele McCarter

“I appreciate the My Blue Dots pin and it is a springboard for me to share my cancer journey with others in my community.”

Jeffrey Sweet

Jeffrey Sweet

“ I wear my pin to honor the warriors who face the challenges of cancer with the strength to get up each day. It is a strength of heart, a strength of will, and a strength of hope that inspires me and that I aspire to reflect back to the world.”

Jeffrey Sweet Director

Camp […]

Alessandra MaChado – Brazil

Alessandra MaChado

“I wear my pin for all the cancer warriors out there and their loved ones. I also wear my pin in honor of my nephew Rygan Gracie.”

Reyna Torres

Reyna Torres

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin to honor and let my friend know that I am praying for her.”

Samantha Quinn – Cape Town, South Africa

Samantha Quinn wearing Blue Dot Pin

Each person’s blue dots symbolize something different. I wear mine for my mother who fought breast cancer and is a survivor, for my aunt who fought breast cancer and is a survivor, and for my grandmother who lost her battle but fought to the very end. For my mom, the blue dots symbolize the Courage […]

Lisa Sortino

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin over my heart to say, ‘I am Standing With You’ as you go through your cancer experience.”

Julie Reese

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin to support the many cancer warriors I know.”

Patti Cavender

I wear the My Blue Dots pin to support My Blue Dots and their mission to ‘cure cancer in our lifetime’.

Karen McCarter

I wear My Blue Dots pin proudly to honor my daughter, Michele, and her journey to recovery from cancer.

Julie Dillion

“So each day I’ll pin it on my chest

Sending my thoughts and prayers to you.

Placing you in the arms of God

Knowing He will be with you too.”

– © Sue McCollum

To learn more about our pin story and order your pin, visit our pin page.

Maribeth King

It’s a non-verbal message

I will wear every day,

If I’m at work, at home

Or off to play.

Andrea Burling

“We requested a second My Blue Dot pin because my husband, Tom, wanted to wear one along with me to honor my recently completing lymphoma treatment at Stanford.”

— Andrea S. Burling Cancer Warrior

Robert Redfern-West

“After an eight month series of treatments for cancer of the tongue at Stanford, I now wear the three blue dots pin. I was recently retested and no cancer was found but I’ll wear the dots for all cancer warriors past, present and future.”

— Robert Redfern-West Director, Academica Press, LLC

Cary Cole

“Thank you My Blue Dots for inspiring Cancer Warriors to use cancer as a catalyst for healing and health. I’m proud to wear My Blue Dots pin.”

— Cary Cole Stanford Cancer Council Member

Veronica Schindler

“I wear My Blue Dots pin to honor my colleague, Ken, who is currently battling cancer as well as my Uncle Baldur. I want them to know I support them and applaud their courage.”

— Veronica Schindler Stanford Athletic Dept.

Ken Johnson

We honor cancer warrior, Ken Johnson. Ken has been a member of the Guest Services “Red Coats” at Stanford University since 1999. He is well liked by everyone and provides exceptional game-day guest service to those who sit in the Stanford Stadium Skybox during football season.

Tiffany Symmes

“My Blue Dots not only inspires hope; it provides the basis for hope by funding cancer research. That is way I wear this pin.”

— Tiffany Symmes with Sue McCollum

Anna Kirilova

“I wear the My Blue Dot pin because Skating for the Cure brought us one little step closer to finding a cure, and further inspired me to becoe a cancer researcher.”

— Anna Kirilova, 17 Palo Alto High School

Sue McCollum

“I wear my pin every day, over my heart, to honor all those cancer warriors I know and love”

— Sue McCollum Sue is with Kipp Weiskopf at his thesis presentation at Stanford

Britt Merchant

“My “Grandma Muzz” (who passed away from lung cancer) was an energetic, positive, smart woman. I wear the blue dots in her memory, and aspire to be even a little bit like her!”

— Britt Merchant Stanford Athletic Dept.

Michelle Kenyon

“I wear my Blue Dot pin in support of my patients, friends, and family that have fought cancer throughout the years.”

— Michelle Kenyon R.T.(T), CMD Director, Radiation Oncology Operations, Stanford Cancer Center

Michelle Jin

Michelle Jin

“I wear my pin because it signifies resilience and hope. No one has to be alone in the battle against cancer.”

— Michelle Jin