Young and Male


A young male intern was assigned to me to monitor how my radiation would go. He’s young – and male – so I asked myself, “What about breast cancer could he know?”

How could I relate to this young man? Could I share my concerns with him? I have sons about his same […]

Where Few Go





She came, like a warm breeze, into my life to encourage and to support me. Her love for the Lord and a warm, beautiful, smile was all that I could see.

I was frightened going into surgery number one; but a steady, loving presence was she. As we waited for the […]

Waiting in the Wings

Hats off to those who wait in the wings, While their loved one goes through cancer. They are there day after day, Wishing they did have an answer…

To help, to assist, to calm the fears Of the one they love so much. But there is nothing that they can do – So they […]

The Little Pea

It had been a year since I found it. It was like a little pea. It didn’t go away So I went to the Doctor to see.

I didn’t want to see the Doc., But I stepped up to the plate. When the Doctor […]

My Blue Dots

My three blue dots I’ll not remove, They are my badge of courage. I’ll wear them all the rest of my life But will never be discouraged.

For these blue dots mark the spot Where the radiation could go, Into my body to kill those cells So those cells would never grow.

Grow up to […]

Blue Dot Society

Blue Dot Society The Blue Dot Society is a special group of strong and hearty folks. They’ve stepped up to take their turn to be pushed, prodded, and poked.

Their bodies perhaps a bit broken, but their spirits are strong indeed; To manage to go through what they must do to finish this medical deed.


Victims – No More

Cancer that horrible dreadful word Will soon not give such fear, To the mothers and daughters and women We love and hold so dear.

‘Not victims anymore,” we’ll shout, But warriors at long last. We’ll live and love and be mindful always But not remain in the past.

© Sue McCollum

I Will Survive

Life can change, at the turn of a screw, When the word ‘cancer’ is spoken to you. You’re upset, you’re frightened, You don’t know what to do.

I know I must own it, And conquer it I will. But in the present moment I’m sick, tired, and ill.

Cancer and death, for many years, […]

Circle the Wagons

Circle the wagons Is what we must do. We’ll gather around To love and support you.

For your earthen vessel In this sea of life, Is now under attack And is full of strife.

It’s being tossed about By high winds and waves. These are indeed Very challenging days.

But you must remember That God […]