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Blue Dot Society

Blue Dot Society

Blue Dot Society
The Blue Dot Society is a special group
of strong and hearty folks.
They’ve stepped up to take their turn
to be pushed, prodded, and poked.

Their bodies perhaps a bit broken,
but their spirits are strong indeed;
To manage to go through what they must do
to finish this medical deed.

It takes hours to get these blue dots.
The technicians must be precise.
To place the dots just where they are
is not just a roll of the dice.

After they’re placed and the treatments are finished,
you acknowledge what you’ve been through.
A very tough time, in your book of life,
but it’s made you a stronger you.

Be proud of your blue dots – don’t cover them up.
Perhaps they do hold the answer.
To rid yourself of that horrid disease
the one they do call cancer.

© Sue McCollum