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A Tribute to Dr. Koong

A Tribute to Dr. Koong

July 19, 2017

A ‘Good-bye’ Party was given on the lawn of the Medical Center at Stanford University to honor and to thank Dr. Albert Koong for his service at Stanford.

Dr. Albert Koong and Sue McCollum

His staff, members of Radiation/Oncology Department, as well as his many friends, and family were all there to wish him well as he leaves Stanford to go to MD Anderson as the Dean of Radiation/Oncology Department.

It was a time for many speakers to talk about Dr. Koong and their relationship to him. It was a very personal and heart warming event. Sue McCollum, representing My Blue Dots, spoke of the relationship My Blue Dots has had with Dr. Koong over the years. We will miss his smile, wit and get it done attitude at Stanford, but My Blue Dots sends him on knowing he will be a blessing to all those at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.