Lisa Sortino

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin over my heart to say, ‘I am Standing With You’ as you go through your cancer experience.”

Julie Reese

“I wear the My Blue Dots pin to support the many cancer warriors I know.”

Patti Cavender

I wear the My Blue Dots pin to support My Blue Dots and their mission to ‘cure cancer in our lifetime’.

Karen McCarter

I wear My Blue Dots pin proudly to honor my daughter, Michele, and her journey to recovery from cancer.

POLQ new druggable target identified for cancer therapy

Half of ovarian cancers have abnormal homologous recombination repair mechanism. Loss of homologous recombination

POLQ is a protein that plays a role in the error-prone mirohomology-mediated end-joining (MMEJ) pathway, a pathway required for homologous recombination repair. This study demonstrated that a decreased POLQ expression in epithelial ovarian cancers is associated with increased homologous repair activities. […]

Heat therapy in cancer treatment

Using heat to supplement conventional cancer treatments is highly controversial and requires substantial evidence from clinical trials. However, some believe using heat in addition to radiation therapy or chemotherapy may enhance the effects of these treatment methods. The idea comes from the role of using heat to reduce pain and infections in locally or systemically […]