My Blue Dots 2013 Gala

Thank you to all the generous supporters for your participation in our First Annual My Blue Dots Gala. It was a successful event thanks to each of you. We raised $24,175, all of which was donated directly to fund a Cure for Cancer. Together, one step at a time, we will find a Cure […]

2013 Golf Tournament

My Blue Dots would like to thank the Lady golfers at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, in Menlo Park, Ca. for their interest and support of our organization. The ladies held a golf tournament to raise money for cancer research and cancer programs and My Blue Dots was one of the organizations selected. […]

Bake Sale at Carnival for a Cure

The American Cancer Society club at Catilleja Girls School held a wonderful event where they shared the My Blue Dots’ mission to HONOR cancer warriors who wear the blue dots, to INFORM others what the blue dots are, and to GIVE to cancer research so we can find a cure for cancer in our […]

Victims – No More

Cancer that horrible dreadful word Will soon not give such fear, To the mothers and daughters and women We love and hold so dear.

‘Not victims anymore,” we’ll shout, But warriors at long last. We’ll live and love and be mindful always But not remain in the past.

© Sue McCollum

I Will Survive

Life can change, at the turn of a screw, When the word ‘cancer’ is spoken to you. You’re upset, you’re frightened, You don’t know what to do.

I know I must own it, And conquer it I will. But in the present moment I’m sick, tired, and ill.

Cancer and death, for many years, […]

Circle the Wagons

Circle the wagons Is what we must do. We’ll gather around To love and support you.

For your earthen vessel In this sea of life, Is now under attack And is full of strife.

It’s being tossed about By high winds and waves. These are indeed Very challenging days.

But you must remember That God […]

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“Dr. Koong is a superb physician-scientist, internationally renown not only for his research and clinical expertise, but the wonderful care he provides to his patients and the innovation he has integrated into such care.”

Dr. Quynh-Thu Le MD, FACR Professor and Chair Department of Radiation Oncology Stanford University


Ways […]

Olivia’s Grandmother

Cancer has touched so many of us. Our Cancer Warrior Series honors those important individuals. Olivia share’s her tribute to her grandmother.

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Blue Dot Ornament The purpose of the Blue Dots ornament is to HONOR an individual who has gone through the radiation treatment process.


“The annual payout from the My Blue Dots Fund has been instrumental for Dr. Albert Koong to establish a robust translational research program in GI Oncology that has […]