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My Blue Dots Newsletter Archive

Volume 72: A Delightful Event

Volume 71: Thank you

Volume 70: Ice Event

Volume 69: Together We Stand

Volume 68: Welcome St. Luke’s

Volume 67: Passion

Volume 66: One Gift

Volume 65: It Takes Stamina

Volume 64: We Reap What We Sow

Volume 63: New Infusion Center

Volume 62: Skating for the Cure Follow-Up

Volume 61: Skating for a Cure 2016

Volume 60: Different But Alike

Volume 59: Our Year In Review

Volume 58: Pass It Forward

Volume 57: Finally, I’m Here – The Blue Dots

Volume 56: Pins and Ice

Volume 55: Skating for a Cure 2015

Volume 54: Did You Know?

Volume 53: A Celebration!

Volume 52: Standing With You

Volume 51: A Badge of Courage

Volume 50: Goals for the Year

Volume 49: Looking Back

Volume 47: My Blue Dots Ornaments

Volume 46: Giving Thanks

Volume 45: My Blue Dots Pins

Volume 44: New Discoveries

Volume 43: Invitation to Visit the Chihuly Chandelier

Volume 42: A Celebration of Champions

Volume 41: Skating for a Cure

Volume 40: Medical Students at Stanford

Volume 39: Our Eco Bags

Volume 38: My Blue Dots Fantasy Ball

Volume 37: The My Blue Dots Pin Story

Volume 36: A New Year – A New Look

Volume 35: Our World Free of Cancer

Volume 34: Our Blue Dots Trees

Volume 33: Being Thankful

Volume 32: Curve Ball

Volume 31: Firestorms

Volume 30: Christmas in July

Volume 29: Check Presentation

Volume 28: Our Gala

Volume 27: My Blue Dots Gala

Volume 26: The Importance of Symbols

Volume 25: We Honor- We Inform- We Give

Volume 24: Holiday Sparkle Continues

Volume 23: Holliday Sparkle – Connecting the Dots

Volume 22: My Blue Dots – The Basics

Volume 21 Summertime: A Time to Refresh

Volume 20: Failure Can Lead to Success

Volume 19: Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition

Volume 18: Honoring the White Coats

Volume 17: Sips and Sweets – Neiman Marcus Event

Volume 16: MBD Facebook Page – Steve Jobs Tribute

Volume 15: An Awesome Sight  – Chihuly Installation

Volume 14: Waiting in the Wings

Volume 13: Share Your Blue Dot Story – Chihuly Calms the Soul

Volume 12: Dr. Ferenc Scheeeren – Stem Cell Research

Volume 11: Chihuly Installation Video

Volume 10: Chihuly Dedication and Holiday Events

Volume 9: Blue Dot Golf Tournament

Volume 8: Three Stars in Lapis

Volume 7: From a Vision – to Reality

Volume 6: The Installation

Volume 5: Why we do what we do

Volume 4: My Blue Dot’s Ten Year Anniversary

Volume 3: My Blue Dot – Chihuly Project – Stanford University

Volume 2: Stem Cell Building – Stanford University

Volume 1: Where we are going – New this year


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Volume 3: Christmas Book – Those who support us

Volume 2: Dale Chihuly – Places we have been

Volume 1: First Issue – Introduction-What we have done